New York City

As you may or may not have already noticed, I completely redid the New York Gallery. For one thing, it was time to change it up a little but; but more importantly, we had just visited the city again and I had a few new pictures that I could add.

Last time we were running around on the streets like headless chickens being so amazed and overwhelmed by it all. We still managed to see a lot, but more by accident than on purpose. This time, we knew exactly what we wanted to see, where we wanted to go, and what we wanted to do again. We also had more time (though you will never have enough time for a city like New York) and the weather was simply perfect.


We spent almost a whole day in Central Park, something we had missed out on last time. We visited South Street Seaport, Trinity Church, and the Flat Iron Building, and we watched the sun set over Manhattan from the Top of the Rock. While we had enjoyed our visit to the observation deck on the Empire State Building last time, it was simply better to actually see it along with the rest of Manhattan.

We also revisited “old” favorites, such as Times Square, Grand Central Station (or Terminal), and we enjoyed another ride on the Staten Island Ferry.

When we visited NY last time, we actually “forgot” Brooklyn Bridge. Well, that’s not completely true, since we did take pictures from afar. But would you believe that we didn’t even consider walking across the bridge? Well, it’s true but luckily we were able to make up for it this time and we enjoyed a wonderful evening stroll complete with sunset and Manhattan night skyline.